Bodford Terrace: 21-27 Drummond Street, Carlton. Melbourne, Victoria

Despite the name (along with the date of construction) appearing centrally on its parapet, confusion over the naming of this terrace parallels its sketchy history.  Today this row of four classic double storey Victorian houses is recognised by the name “Bodford Terrace”, however even during its early years it was also referred to as “Bedford Terrace”, perhaps a case of mistaken identity.  The origin of the name and its developer, most likely is obscure.  What is known is that it is among Carlton’s earliest terraces, erected in 1868, predating the 1880s boom, however since its initial construction it has gone through signficant stages of appreciation and neglect.

Bodford Terrace: 21-27 Drummond Street, Carlton. Melbourne, Victoria

In the late 1970s, Victorians began to realise the heritage value of the long despised Victorian era architecture. Despite its neglected state, Bodford Terrace became recognised as such a piece of heritage and in 1978  a committee was formed to fund its restoration.  Central to their efforts, the committee engaged several high profile artists (including Leonard French, John Brack, John Olsen, Frank Hodgkinson, George Baldessin, Clifton Pugh, Franz Kempf and Les Kossatz) to produce 300 signed works which were published by Druckma Press.1

Its boom elaborations include detailed cast iron lacework with wide opera box style balconies and female heads and scrolls on the party wall.   The verandahs are split evenly with cast iron posts with separated frieze and brackets forming a relatively deep screen.

The terrace is not on the Victorian Heritage Register, however it is covered by a City of Melbourne Heritage Overlay ( HO1)2 and is registered by the National Trust with local significance3.


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