Buchanan’s Terrace: 1-7 Maidstone Street, Grey Lynn. Auckland, New Zealand

Buchanan’s Terrace is a row of four double storey terraces in the inner Auckland suburb of Grey Lynn, something extremely rare in the largest New Zealand city.

The terrace’s subdued late Edwardian appearance partially hides its original Victorian era features. It features two sets of two terraces that are staggered up the gentle slope of the hill, with a tall plain parapet, bullnosed verandahs, and prominent party walls.

Original Victorian details, including cast iron columns with Egyptian style capitals and terrace features details from the Victorian era. Cast iron lacework including brackets, fringes and balcony railings typical of this area appear to have been removed in the interwar makeover, along with parapet details in favour of rendering and fretwork balustrades.

The borough of Grey Lynn was originally subdivided in 1883, this terrace may hark from this era when New Zealand cities (primarily Dunedin), like those of Australia, were experimenting with the terraced style.

Despite its rarity, this terrace does not appear to have heritage status. The Edwardian makeover has substantially altered its appearance and it has at some stage been adaptively reused as commercial premises.

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