Byrne’s Arcade Terrace: 318-326 Victoria Street, Richmond. Melbourne, Victoria

Byrne’s Arcade Terrace at 318-326 Victoria Street is a row of five two storey terrace houses built in 1879 by Robert Byrne, a local Richmond shopkeeper.  The name “Byrne’s Arcade Terrace” is written in the central signage on the parapet. 

Byrne's Arcade Terrace: 318-326 Victoria Street. Abbotsford, Victoria

Byrne's Arcade Terrace: 318-326 Victoria Street. Abbotsford, Victoria

Urns mark each party wall at both the parapet and verandah level and chimneys and roof are concealed.  The terraces themselves are quite plain with a single decorated string course and frieze up top.  The double storey verandah is dressed in iron lace, although the designs differ between the individual terraced houses.  Ground level cast iron support columns are evident on some but not all of the terraces and on at least one this column is continued to the second storey.  The upper storey features three evenly spaced double hung windows.  The ground floor features one wider three panel window and a glass panel above the doors.

The terraces are listed on the Register of the National Estate and are also part of the City of Yarra’s heritage overlay (HO289).

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