Castle Terrace: 87-95 Jersey Road, Woollahra. Sydney, New South Wales

This iconic “Paddington style” row, “Castle Terrace” is a row of five double storey houses which features a prominent third storey mid terrace and castellated motif.  The name is emblazoned between a medieval castle motif, including twin turrets and battlements and three keystoned windows.  In addition to the different parapet, the mid terrace also features a cast iron column which splits the iron lacework of the row in two.

Castle Terrace: 87-95 Jersey Street, Woollhara.  Sydney, New South Wales

Photo by: Michael Gardner

Castle Terrace: 87-95 Jersey Street, Woollhara. Sydney, New South Wales.

The otherwise Italianate terraces feature pitched corrugated iron roofs with round dormer windows, exposed party walls and chimneys with four terracotta pots.  Each of the levels features triple arched windows in a Palladian motif along with an arched doorway.  The double storey verandahs are rich in iron lacework.  The party walls extend to the property line where they meet cast iron fences.

I’m not certain of the date or architect but the style would indicate around 1887.

The row has local protection with the Woollahra Municipal Council


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