Cook Terrace: 249 Coronation Drive, Milton. Brisbane, Queensland

Cook Terrace is a landmark along the Brisbane River at Coronation Drive.  It is a three storey row of six Victorian buildings dating back to 1888-1889. Currently used as offices as part of a prominent business park, this terrace has had a long and interesting history.

Cook Terrace: 249 Coronation Drive.  Milton, Queensland

Cook Terrace: 249 Coronation Drive. Milton, Queensland

It was originally built as flats rather than terrace houses by builder Joseph Blain Cook to exploit a loophole in the Queensland Undue Subdivision of Land Prevention Act of 1885 and avoid subsequent penalties.   However like similar houses in Melbourne and Sydney, the row was aimed squarely at well-to-do tenants.

In 1895 it was known as Milton Terrace.  Between 1895-1905 the parapet was removed and dormer windows instated with a wooden verandah and domed reading room was added as a south wing (to the left of the photo).  During World War II, Cook Terrace was rented by the military. During the 1960s and 70s it became known as Gloralgar Flats, the verandahs were enclosed and the terrace served as student accomodation.

In 1984 Cook Terrace was given a new lease of life as an upmarket restaurant and office precinct.  The buildings were restored including the introduction of glass enclosures for the upper balconies and the south wing.

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