Fernville Terrace: 35-41 Mackenzie Street, Bendigo. Victoria

Fernville Terrace is a relatively large row of terraces for a regional Australian city and is a striking sight in the precinct around the Sacret Heart Cathedral.  The design is particularly interesting.  Set on a hill, the double storey terrace follows the downward slope, with the bottom storey appearing sunken from street level.  In fact the entrances to the terraces are on the second storey, accessed by stairways which form a key part of the architectural expression.

Fernville Terrace: 35-41 McKenzie Street, Bendigo. Victoria

Fernville Terrace: 35-41 Mackenzie Street, Bendigo. Victoria

The terrace is also notable for its lack of parapet and fascia ornamentation, unusual for 1880s Victorian terraces and its refined large slate tile hipped roof. Two large chimneys at either end and a central party wall gives the effect of two large compartmented houses.  This is accentuated by the clustering of staircases in the mid terraces. The party walls between are supressed and polychrome quoning around blind arched entryways are notable effect of the verandah which is dressed in iron lace on the top level only with a framed iron lacework frieze, brackets, pendants and balustrade propped up by moulded wooden supports which frame the entryways and walls.  A single hall and front room have double hung windows and decorative glass door surrounds.

The terrace is afforded special protection through the City of Greater Bendigo’s dedicated heritage overlay HO169 was first identified as of heritage significance in 19831.   Brian Turner’s otherwise excellent book “Australia’s Iron Lace” (1985) also mentions the terrace with a captioned photograph, however places it in Ballarat rather than Bendigo2, a simple mistake frequently made between the two cities. A detailed heritage profile undertaken in 19933.

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  • Kathy:

    Hello, these are lovely. There is a terrific row of terraces in Melbourne – Barkly Street, Brunswick, just off Lygon Street heading east, which are also sunken below street level. Worth a look if you can.

  • Melissa Phillips:

    I used to live in the terrace (far left) It was a B&B called Villa Heidi. I lived there during the years 2001 -2003 with my Dad and went to the local High School which was very near. Happy memories of the balcony at the back looking over Bendigo. It is now up for rent again and is half the price I pay for my apartment in Melbourne…. Happy days.

  • Sarah:

    I lived in one of the terraces as a little girl in the 80’s and knew Heidi well, she was a lovely German woman. It’s a fantastic spot.

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