George’s Terrace: 59-65 Cardigan Street, Carlton. Melbourne, Victoria

George’s Terrace is a row of four double storey houses, built in 1905 by George Ievers, a realtor and speculator.

George's Terrace: 59-65 Cardigan Street, Carlton. Melbourne, Victoria

George’s Terrace appears as an Italianate Victorian Terrace  (compare to nearby Mary’s Terrace) however built many years after the end of the boom.  The naming appears in a cartouche under a classically inspired pediment with crown and flanking scrolls.

The parapet which effectively hides all the roof but the tops of the chimneys is dotted with ball shaped finials atop the party walls.  The cornice gives a horizontal reference and a contrast to the verticality of the party walls which feauture mouldings including prominent acanthus scrolls.  The double storey verandah bullnoses out and is decorated in iron lace.  Each house is divided into two bays with a central column in each with a circular styled iron lacework balustrade on the upper storey and a deep fringe and brackets divided evenly by pendants on both levels.  The party walls and verandah are built up to the property line with the patio enclosed by a palisade fence.

The facade is quite plain, with two large French windows on the upper storey and two rectangular double hung windows at ground level.

George’s Terrace is included in a City of Melbourne heritage overlay1 and is also listed by the National Trust of Victoria (B3709).2

  1. City of Melbourne Planning Scheme
  2. National Trust of Victoria record B3709

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