Gladstone Terrace: 38-50 Melville Street, Dunedin. New Zealand

Another Kiwi terrace and again in Dunedin which is fortunately blessed with many buildings of this kind. Gladstone terrace was built in 1880 and marches down an incline with blade party walls along the exposed corrugated iron roofline  much like Australian terraces in Sydney.  Its single storey verandahs however have been unsympathetically built in.  The row is given a modern look which significantly detracts from its appeal and I’m not certain as to its original verandah decoration if any and whether it featured iron lacework at any stage.

Gladstone Terrace: 38-50 Melville Street, Dunedin. New Zealand

Photo by: Ben Hill licenced under (CC-SA)

Gladstone Terrace: 38-50 Melville Street, Dunedin. New Zealand (Image by Benchil licenced under Creative Commons)

The facade of each house features a subtle cornice is marked by a row of dentils and twin windows on the upper storey have simplistic almost Georgian style mouldings with plain ledges.  Interestingly the facades of the terraces are not separated and the party walls project from blank walls to frame the verandahs.

The mid terrace is marked by being one bay wider with three windows on one side of which is a stylistic cartouche plate bearing the name and date.

The terrace was added to the New Zealand Historic Places Trust (5231) on the 19th April, 1990 1

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