Greta, Clio and Jersey: 5-9 McDonald Street, Potts Point. Sydney, New South Wales

This row of three terraces (Greta, Clio and Jersey) is tucked away in a side street in Sydney’s Potts Point. At three storeys this is a large impressive stand of terraces set amongst interwar and modern apartment buildings.

Jersey (5), Clio (7) and Greta (9) Mc Donald Street. Potts Point, New South Wales

"Jersey" (5), "Clio" (7) and "Greta" (9) Mc Donald Street. Potts Point, New South Wales

On the whole Clio and Jersey are better preserved. Greta with missing its bay window with arched openings, one of its downpipes and closed verandah (possibly modified in the 1920s) and operating as a backpackers. However the others are missing the large grand boom style urn which sits atop the verandah on Greta.  Perhaps it is just waiting to someday be restored to bring integrity back to this row.  The composition of the terraces is interesting.  Window openings penetrate the otherwise blank wall facing McDonalds Lane which forms a gable subtly expressing the roof structure.  The ballustrade and urns dominate the parapet and the small pediments are used only for the names of each terrace which are marked by shell style ornaments. The top windows are marked with small tent like canopies with very fine iron cresting matched by a finely dressed window ledge (missing on some of the terraces), echoing some Parisian sensibilities. The top of  the verandah has an interesting wave effect of the corrugated iron expressed also on the party wall.  Like many Sydney terraces, the party walls extend to the street to form a solid fence and the original cast iron fence and gate remains intact.

I’m not exactly sure of the date, architect or origins of the names of the houses, but the style and size would suggest it was built around 1887-1888.

Greta, Clio and Jersey: 5-9 McDonald Street.  Potts Point.  Sydney, New South Wales

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