Harris Terrace: 80 George Street. Brisbane, Queensland

Harris Terrace is one of Brisbane’s rare terraces.  Built in 1867 by local businessman George Harris who named the terraces for himself and designed by J & G Cowlishaw, Harris Terrace was aimed at providing accommodation for the Brisbane bourgeoisie.   It was renamed “Harris Court” following the common nomenclature for prestige flats in the 1920s, however the name and date on the central parapet plaque remains.

Harris Terrace.  George Street, Brisbane

Harris Terrace. George Street, Brisbane

Harris Terrace forms a streetscape of terraces with “The Mansions” across Margaret Street.  The subdued style of these early Victorian era terraces contrasts with the elaborate style of The Mansions.  The terrace is constructed of load bearing brick and the gable roof style is evident from the end terrace.  The verandahs  feature simple cast iron fretwork and grille columns obscuring a plain facade of plain window sashes and party wall arches.  Rows of brackets create some interest on the facade.

Harris Terrace is of state significance and is included in the Queensland Heritage Register (600121) giving it legal protection under the Queensland Heritage Act 1992.

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