Horbury Terrace: 171-173 Macquarie Street. Sydney, New South Wales

Once in a row of either seven or eight, this pair is all that remains of the Georgian revival (or Colonnial Regency) styled Horbury Terrace. Named after Horbury in Yorkshire England, which was the home of owner Thomas Holt it was built for Ouseley Condell. The houses were triple storey with basements. Details of its construction vary by source with some sources quoting a construction date of 18361 while the official plaque on the building from the Royal Australian Historical Society states 1842, engravings of it date to 1848.2

Much like many of its counterparts in England, ornament is restrained and the row is highly symmetrical, with the main features being a steep slate roof with prominent party walls, cornice and string course marking the various levels, window ledges, wrought iron balconettes and tall arched recessed entry. The terrace is constructed of brick and render with stone foundations visible on the exterior.

During the 1880s a cantilevered balcony with iron lacework along with window hoods was added to the uppermost storey of number 173.3 The majority of the terrace was demolished during the interwar years. A major restoration undertaken in 1970 was completed in 1974 including complete reconstruction of the interior (removing its original floorplan) and exterior windows.4 It has been adaptively reused as offices and is listed on the NSW Heritage Register.5

Past tenants included Messrs. Kemp and Fairfax (1848), the proprietors of the Sydney Morning Herald who owned the first two residences.6

Horbury Terrace 171-173 Macquarie Street Sydney


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