Hughgendon Terrace: 49-59 Gower Street, Kensington. Melbourne, Victoria

Hughendon Terrace is a long row of eight double storey boom style terrace houses in Kensington.   The elegant white terraces on flat ground form a classically inspired regency style row.   The parapet is plain with the exception of a prominent cornice punctuated only by pronounced arched pediments with crested mouldings.  Each pair of terraces shares a large roof and the pediment is designed to hide the gable behind as well as giving the appearance of wider individual houses.  The name of the terrace is curved inside the first two pediments of the row, one with signage of “Hughendon” and the other “Terrace”.

Hughendon Terrace: 49-59 Gower Street.  Kensington, Victoria

Hughendon Terrace: 49-59 Gower Street. Kensington, Victoria

The verandah, like the roof is of corrugated iron and the party walls are decorated with classical corbels as well as some vermiculation on the upper storey.  The upper levels have two evenly spaced double hung windows with square sashes while the lower levels have a pair of round arched windows with round sashes.  The verandahs are dressed in fine iron lace.

The row was erected in 1888, however I’m not sure of the architect or the origin of the name.

Hughendon Terrace has some local heritage protection through heritage overlay HO9 in the City of Melbourne Planning Scheme.

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