Illustrations House: 885 Wellington Street, West Perth. Perth, Western Australia

Illustrations House is a row of two double storey Edwardian terraces. The date embellished in the facade is 1903, sources indicate that construction was completed in 1905. Named for the photography business that has operated in the adaptively reused premises since the early 1970s.1

Illustrations House at 885 Wellington Street West Perth viewed from the north

Illustrations House at 885 Wellington Street West Perth viewed from the north

Architecturally, it is a distinctive variation from similar Italianate terraces in Sydney and Melbourne. With its later construction, the palladian form is embued with elements of the Queen Anne style (such as the prominent triangular pediment gable decoration and use of turned wood in place of cast iron verandah brackets). Ornament is otherwise restrained.  Iron lacework is limited to a very fine fringe and brackets and very open wrought iron panels which may or may not be from the period. The except for party walls which are adorned with corbels and vermiculation.  Notably, the doors on both levels feature transom lights and multiple windows with distinctive panes and ledges, allowing for maximum sunlight to filter in from the north.

The terrace was included in the Western Australian state heritage register in 2002.2

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