Mary’s Terrace: 50-56 Cardigan Street, Carlton. Melbourne, Victoria

Mary’s Terrace in Carlton is no longer used for residential purposes.  Built in 1885, it is now adaptively used as offices, like many in the area – for educational purposes.  Most recently it is owned and tenanted by RMIT, using it as Building 76 (School of Education) as well as being home to the Australian Education Union branch; Building 43 (Student and Counselling Services) and Building 69.

Mary's Terrace: 52-56 Cardigan Street, Carlton, Victoria

Mary's Terrace: 52-56 Cardigan Street, Carlton, Victoria

The terraces themselves are typical of the Melbourne style from the period but notably built right up to the property line leaving little room for a front porch.  A pediment central to all the terraces sits atop the parapet with the name and date of the terraces which hides the roof structures.  There is a horizontal cornice contrasting with the vertical party walls each with neat classical corbels helping to define the two storey verandah.  The top levels each have two double hung windows and the bottom storeys have a single room and side hall with a triple pane window and window above the door.  Unfortunate seventies style awnings appear on some of the house windows.  A central cast iron corinthian column divides each bay which have the standard cast iron lacework including brackets and balustrade.  A short cast iron fence completes the filigree composition.

Mary’s Terrace is classified by the National Trust (B3642).  It is covered by a heritage overlay HO70 as part of the Melbourne Planning Scheme.

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