Musbury Terrace: 15-25 Ruth Street. Perth, Western Australia

Musbury Terrace is a row of six terraced houses and one of Perth’s few single storey rows. Built in 18971, each house consisted five rooms, kitchen bath and pantry.2 Architecturally the cottages are minimalist, with a horizontal parapet decorated only by urns atop each party wall and vermiculation, bullnose verandahs and iron lace consisting of a shallow fringe and brackets.


Musbury terrace viewed from the north side of Ruth Street


  1. Western Australia Heritage Council record 08742
  2. The West Australian Advertising Saturday 31 March 1906. pg. 16

2 Responses to “Musbury Terrace: 15-25 Ruth Street. Perth, Western Australia”

  • Grant Bussell:

    I wonder if this style of house is a solution to sprawl and housing affordability?

  • Alan Rutlidge:

    Probably not, however Ruth Street until recent years has remained relatively low density for inner city Perth with the majority of the dwellings in the street and its surrounds been single level houses. All the terraces in the building have a small front yard, side courtyard and a generous backyard considering the floor space of each unit. Musbury Terrace is a heritage interest building in the Federation Italianate style. In a world obsessed with cold characterless high rise structures for inner city living, Musbury Terrace is a welcome respite from the high rise lifestyle of limited private outdoor spaces with its individual ground level courtyards with plants and trees. The terraces are well over 100 years old and well maintained by the majority owner occupiers. 5 of the 6 terraces as of March 2018 are owner occupied.

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