Nathan’s Terrace: 1-11 Shields Street, Flemington. Melbourne, Victoria

Nathan’s Terrace is one of the most interesting single storey terraces you’ll find anywhere in Australia.  Nearly identical neo-baroque boom style villas front both Shields and Wellington Street in Flemington.  The mid terrace is crowned by lions and a coat of arms atop an exageratted pediment and squat corinthian columns flanked by prominent balustrades, urns and corbels verandahs with cast iron filligree and fences.  A bay of flanking villas are topped by a giant broken crown round pediments in a Palladian motif with round arch openings and double arched windows with a small awning form a temple style in an elaborate display of exaggerated Victorian Mannerism.

Nathan's Terrace. 1-11 Shields Street. Kensington, Victoria

Nathan's Terrace. 1-11 Shields Street. Flemington, Victoria

The terraces were built in 1888 by Samuel Nathan who named them after himself and designed of William Wolf.  Nathan’s Terraces are held in state significance to Victoria by both the National Trust of Victoria (B4532) and accorded legal protection through the Victorian Heritage Register (H1205).  In addition it is protected by an individual City of Melbourne heritage overlay (HO112).

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  • Rakle:

    Love your blog…I am still trawling through its pages now so am unsure if you have also commented on a similar building on St Leonards Rd, Ascot Vale (at the train station end of the street).

    To my untrained eye they have a similar look to those on Shields and Wellington Sts. All but one of the houses is unpainted, and in the centre there is the magnificent addition of doublegates underneath a tower (is that what they are called?). I would love to know if you have any details about this building.

    Anyway…I’ll keep reading 🙂

  • admin:

    If unsure whether a terrace you are looking for is listed you can use the Melbourne map link:

    I do know the terrace that you mention and have photos of it. I’ll publish my post on it for you sometime soon.

  • Rakle:

    That’s brilliant…thanks very much. I will keep an eye on your blog 🙂

  • Jeremy:

    I live in Nathan’s Terrace.

    Our parapet is in desperate need of attention. The render has fallen away in parts and the whole structure is in a dire state.

    I am having trouble finding the right person to repair it. Any ideas??

  • admin:

    Jeremy, you could possibly apply for a grant or low interest loan from the Melbourne Heritage Restoration Fund. Heritage Victoria or the National Trust may be able to assist by putting you in touch with heritage restorers. Talk to the City of Melbourne. You will most likely need a Heritage Victoria and council permit for any work.

  • Marita:

    We live in Nathan’s Terrace and are having our facade restored. Some of the parapet details have crumbled and fallen away. We are seeking old photos of the terraces so we can have replacements made. Can you advise if you have any photos on file please.

  • John:

    Marita, the only photos I know of that are available can be seen on the State Library of Victoria website ( The photos wrongly describe Nathan’s Terrace as Newmarket Terrace, although the latter are on Princes Street, Flemington. The photos seem to be from 1963, but they certainly show the facade and parapets in better nick than they are now.

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