Nestle Cottages: Dennington, Victoria (demolished 1987)

Nestle cottages was a very rare1 row of terraces built outside of Warrnambool and although it was added to the Historic Buildings Register in 19862, it was subsequently demolished on appeal by the developer – Nestle3.  The terrace was designed in England in 19104.

Nestle Cottages: Dennington, Victoria (demolished)

Nestle Cottages: Dennington, Victoria (demolished)

At the time the media cried foul that heritage was being put before progress. Despite the signatures of 2,000 people from a local conservation group trying to save the building, the state government overturned the heritage listing and the Minister for Planning allowed for their demolition in 1987 3.
The cottages had prominent chimneys with terracotta potts, dormer windows, corrugated iron roof, wooden verandah supports and prominent end terrace windowed gables.


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