New Castle Terrace: 212-213 Beaconsfield Parade, Middle Park. Melbourne, Victoria

“New Castle” terrace is an intriguing pair of terrace houses overlooking Port Phillip Bay on Beaconsfield Parade.  The most distinctive feature of these terraces is the castellated parapet including two towers with false windows in the shape of medieval turrets which adorns each and frames their cartouche.

Castle Terrace: 212-213 Beaconsfield Parade.  Middle Park, Victoria

New Castle Terrace: 212-213 Beaconsfield Parade. Middle Park, Victoria

A decorative frieze and cornice brackets and unusual decorations on the party walls including corinthian columns and solid stone looking base complete the medieval imagery. “New” terrace is in better original condition (despite an unfortunate colour scheme) with the “Castle” terrace having its verandahs glassed in as is often the case in the premium real estate location.  The original verandah on “New” shows crafted double wooden supports separating panels of cast iron balconies over a rectangular bay featuring leadlight windows and a detailed door surround.  An interesting cast iron frieze sits above a wooden frame which has a second finer cast iron ornament below.  The original gate has unfortunately been lost to history and replaced at some stage by a besser brick wall.

New Castle terrace has local heritage protection through City of Port Phillip heritage overlay HO3.

I’m not sure who the architect is and the style makes it difficult to place a date, possibly mid to late 1880s, I’d take a guess at 1887.


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  • Steve:

    I don’t think the first floor balcony of the “New” terrace is original. I suspect it has been re-constructed using some of the original cast iron elements, with 2 new, Federation style posts supporting the verandah roof. Shame.

  • not telling:

    “castle” its the best house i have seen
    because its my house

  • not telling:

    get on with your life and do something else than talk about a house

  • Andrew Neale:

    “NEWCASTLE” 212-213 Beaconsfield Parade was built for Robert Hall, cartage contractor, of the firm Hall and Gillespie. He was born in Newcastle Northumberland, arrived in Australia in 1863, married three times, and died 9/4/1903 at South Melbourne, aged 68 years. His first wife was Christina Gillespie, the daughter of his business partner, William Gillespie of 231 Dryburgh Street, North Melbourne. I have a photo of the Newcastle terraces taken about 1982 with the original first floor balconies as per Castle. The turned posts are a new addition. As to the date of construction, Hall’s granddaughter told me that Robert Hall built Newcastle, but he died before he could move in. Andrew Neale.

  • Andrew Neale
    Could you please contact me as I am researching the family of Robert Hall & his brothers

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