Pembridge Terrace: 49-55 Stevenson Place. Newcastle, New South Wales

Central Newcastle has some distinctive gems of terrace housing and this one, built in 1900, and situated on the corner of Stevenson Place and Telford Street with views over the foreshore park and the Hunter River is definitely one of them. The eclectic Anglo-Dutch, Queen-Anne and Mannerist styled red brick terrace likely named for the village in Herefordshire England, has a number of quite quirky features including the way it addresses its corner site, art-noveau styled signwriting and mannerist elements.

The rendered facade features Art-nouveau inscribed pediment bearing the name and year, along with other period details. These include the distinctive regional variation of the style – a cantilevered bullnose veranda, though the verandahs have been built-in, possibly in the post war period mostly with unsympathetic aluminium windows.

Pembridge Terrace 17-23 Stevenson Place Newcastle New South Wales Photo by Michael Gardner. All rights reserved. Used with permission

Pembridge Terrace viewed from the north across Stevenson Place. Photo by Michael Gardner. All rights reserved. Used with permission. Photo by Michael Gardner. All rights reserved. Used with permission

The tall parapet effectively hides the entire roof structure and features pilasters in place of party walls, some angle bricked and others rendered along with antifixae. Segmental broken arch pediments with decorated tympanum consisting of Edwardian oval shield, crest and swag mark the ends of the two end terraces. The mid terrace has a classical parapet feature of triangular pediment, while the end terrace on Telford Street culminates in a tall spire like pyramidal feature. Flat arched diocletian windows line the ground floor, a feature most unusual in Australian terraces. The facade continues to wrap around, with parapet pediment, coloured led light windows. Marking the chimney is a vertical row of inverted quions, again, a most unusual feature with a small arched pediment. A later addition of reproduction lacework and bullnosed verandah is incorporated to the rear of number 55 fronting Telford Street. Pembridge Terrace is part of the important Newcastle East Heritage Conservation Area.1


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