Petrie Mansions: 242-246 Petrie Terrace. Brisbane, Queensland

Petrie Mansions, a row of three double storey terrace houses is possibly Brisbane’s finest Victorian terraced row that remains (partly) residential as one of the houses is privately owned. The Petrie Estate land sale began in 1883 and the majority of the terraces along Petrie Terrace were completed just before the Undue Subdivision of Land Prevention Act 1885 came into full effect, this row was originally known as “Illawarra”.  As a result this fairly intact row of terraces is extremely rare in Brisbane and it is one of just a couple in the entire city.  Many of the terraces built at the time used the sub-tropical Queenslander style hipped corrugated iron roof and Petrie Mansions was no exception.

Petrie Mansions: 242-246 Petrie Terrace. Brisbane, Queensland

Petrie Mansions: 242-246 Petrie Terrace. Brisbane, Queensland

The terrace is elevated up the hill with a staircase leading up to each home and features a large and prominent double storey verandah screened in iron lace.  Each terrace is notably wide in comparison to Sydney and Melbourne terraces and has a pair of columns toward the centre and iron lace fringe and brackets around them as well as iron lace balustrade.  The upper level has large sets of French style doors opening onto the balcony while the lower floor have large door surrounds with etched glass panels.

Two of the houses were joined in 1983 to become one of Brisbane’s premier boutique heritage style restaurant and function centres with views toward Brisbane’s CBD from Petrie Terrace.

The residences are listed on the Brisbane City Council local heritage register (SP14384).1

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  • Petrie Mansions opened 1979, by Ann Garmes. It consisted ALL THREE in the row. Upstairs is where she lived with her husband. They also owned Rosalie resturant too. When the Healy’s bought it in the ’80’s. They made upstairs into funtion space. I worked there in ’94. The Terrace House Resturant was set up, in all three in it’s row, shortly after it’s neighbour’s opening. There should be photos around of the P. M’s in the days when it was an empty shell, with no floors and corrugated iron covering the lack of windows and doors.

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