Ray Villa and Harris Villa: 45-47 Waterloo Crescent, St Kilda. Melbourne, Victoria

This exuberant semi-detached pair of Victorian Italianate villas, set back from the street, is one of two such pairs in close proximity (the other I will post at a future date).  Disappointingly while other nearby properties do, neither of these pairs has any heritage status under the City of Port Phillip planning scheme. There are several features of this terrace which are architecturally interesting, apart from the general mannerist baroque composition of the parapet, it is rare to see the diagonal criss-cross lattice where you’d normally expect a classical balustrade on an Australian terrace.  

Ray Villa and Harris Villa: 45-47 Waterloo Crescent, St Kilda

The parapets hide a hip and gable roof which extends deep into the narrow property with two large chimneys spaced along its length providing generous fireplaces for such tiny cottages.  The parapet itself is capped with a high segmental arch pediment flanked by vermiculated pilasters atop which urns would normally appear but only a couple remain and flanked by scrolls with the entablature repeated Palladian composition.  The row has a long dentilled cornice  and a classical triglyph is the only visible indication of the party wall.  Below the cornice is a frieze of alternating festoons and floral emblems.

Another interesting feature is the freestanding verandah with its concave hipped structure.  The effect is light, airy and dainty combined with the timber posts and delicate lace fringe and brackets there are posts only at the corners, between houses and to mark the doorways.  The windows and doorways provide a generous amount of light to the hallway and single front room with sidelights and fanlight arrangements.

It is likely that the two villas were originally unpainted brick and render and they would look fantastic restored to their original condition.

Due to a lack of heritage studies on these properties I’m not sure of the architect or date of construction, however judging by the style, I would imagine that they date to the early to mid 1880s, possibly similar to but on a smaller scale to nearby Marion Terrace.

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  • Vicky Les:

    Thankyou for pointing out the lattice along the roof line.
    So many Flourishes ! So little time !

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