Rochelle: 3 Mary Street, St Kilda West. Melbourne, Victoria

The rounded pediment on the parapet of this freestanding terrace house proudly displays both name and date (“circa 1910”) in an oval shape, however this does not look like a 1910 terrace.  The neo-classical style of this terrace is more akin to the Victorian Regency style of the mid 1880s boom style, so the date appears a little anachronous to say the least.  However it is inkeeping with the terraces in the surrounding area, with the terraces there resulting in a relatively late subdivision.

Rochelle: 3 Mary Street.  St Kilda West, Victoria

Rochelle: 3 Mary Street. St Kilda West, Victoria

The terraces commands its immediate surrounds.  It is unfortunately set between two 1970s brown brick monstrosities.  Elsewhere on Mary street however are some impressive stands of late Victorian and Edwardian terraces.  As such one imagines that Rochelle was not always on its own.

Rochelle Terrace abounds in classical detail.  From the vermiculated patterns which fills almost every empty space including the frieze to a staggering variety in the corbels and floral patterns.  A central triangular pediment commands the verandah and forms an impressive silhouette with the parapet.   Two cast iron cornithian columns cascade from the pediment and frame large elaborate lacework brackets splitting the double storey verandah into three sections.  Large corinthian classical pilasters with entablature frame the party walls.  The piano nobile base features vouissor around the windows and an etched glass arch framed door.

Rochelle Terrace is protected by City of Port Phillip heritage overlay HO3.

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