St Aubyn’s Terrace. 255-265 High Street. Penrith, New South Wales

St Aubyn’s is a row of six south facing double storey terrace homes erected in 1886 opposite St Stephen’s. Terraces today are a rare sight in Penrith, although others built during the period, such as a similar row of three Carlton Terrace and terraces along nearby rows in Henry Street were later demolished. An interesting feature of the central parapet is the initials ‘JB’, apparently of the builder John Brown.1 Though constructed of brick, with the rendered mustard colour of the parapet, the terraces have a solid appearance mimicking the local sandstone buildings of an earlier period.

St Aubyns Terrace 255-265 High Street Penrith New South Wales

Architecturally, the terraces are interesting due to the parapet covering only the gable roof of the centre two terrace in the row. The parapet features a central open triangular pediment and paladian motif with subtle classical details. The firewalls are visible on each of the other terraces, along with blocky corniced chimneys. The party walls are minimally decorated, though interesting, mannerist style pilaster detail and scrolls. The double storey verandahs are dressed in a fine lacework pattern and each upper balcony is accessed by a pair of french doors with skylights. Double hung windows on the ground floor are dressed in blocky rectilinear sashes. Photos from the 1970s and 1980s show each of the terraces having been painted different colours including pastels. More recently, these individual schemes have been repainted with a consistent colour scheme, though this contrasts with the unpainted upper facade.

The terraces originally comprised of 5 rooms, kitchen and offices.


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