Stirling Terrace: 114-118 Dryburgh Street. North Melbourne, Victoria

Stirling Terrace is a row of three double storey classical filigree terraces dating to around 1887.1  Its most striking feature is the central pediment with its relief, dentils and acroteria.

Stirling Terrace 114-118 Dryburgh Street North Melbourne Victoria

Stirling Terrace viewed from across Dryburgh Street


The terrace is set high and back from the property line.  The tall balustraded italianate parapet sits above a heavy cornice and effectively hides the three gables and it missing most of its urns.  The terrace also features party walls decorated by double scrolls at the top level and vermiculated ends facing the street.  The cast iron lacework features frieze, drop and bracket combination, corinthian capitaled posts and a heavy screen balustrade.

The vernadah at 116 was boxed in until relatively recently at the time of writing it had been opened and its lacework restored.

The terraces are situated within the City of Melbourne heritage overlay HO3.2


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  2. City of Melbourne Planning Scheme

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