Strathearn: 92-98 Bull Street Cooks Hill Newcastle New South Wales

We’re attempting to correct an imbalance thusfar on this site against Newcastle, a fantastic city that is home to some of Australia’s most interesting terrace housing, with this row of four that caught the eye of our own Michael Gardner. Named Strathearn and erected in the inner suburb of Cooks Hill in 1889 it displays some of the regional variations that make Newcastle terraces so interesting.

Photo by Michael Gardner. All rights reserved. Used with permission

Strathearn 92-98 Bull Street Cooks Hill Newcastle New South Wales

Cooks Hill began as a village that was densely subdivided from the 1860s to provide working class homes for the busy local mining companies. Despite its name it is a relatively flat area and is home to a large number of terraced rows like this one.

Strathearn obviously takes its name from the Scottish valley of the River Earn which the original builder or owner may have had some association with. Architecturally Strathearn has features including a cantilevered cast iron balcony and triple window Palladian motifs and spiral columns so common in Sydney. These are combined with the parapet which hides a long gable and plaque dotted with squat chimneys that more typified designs from the southern Australian states. The central carriageway is another stunning feature but not uncommon in Newcastle and the bold bullnose verandah topped by strongly horizontal cornice and brackets makes an eclectic architectural statement. The arched transom doorways, paired together contrast with the rectangular transomed doors and double hung windows of the upper storeys but also create a spectacular impression from ground level.

Slight modification to the roofline is evident with the addition of a gable above number 94.

Heritage status was first granted for this row in 1990 in the Newcastle Heritage Study1 and it is located within the Cooks Hill Conservation area.2


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  • Tennille:

    It is great to see a terrace from Cooks Hill. I live in a terrace row a block away from here on Parry Street. Its not as fancy as the Strathearn, but I love it all the same.

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