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Avonmore: 26-42 The Avenue, Randwick. Sydney, New South Wales

Avonmore Terrace is currently a boutique hotel located opposite Alison Park in Randwick.  Built in 1888 by John Walsh the triple storey row of nine terraces contains 23 rooms rich in interior detail.  Pictured above is the middle terrace which is its most interesting feature.

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Traralgon: 214-218 Williams Road, Toorak. Melbourne, Victoria

Part of the 1890s Bush Inn Estate, this row of three brown bricked terraces bears the name “Traralgon” on the central parapet, obviously inspired by the Victorian town in the Latrobe Valley founded around 30 years prior. The impressive row is rich in Mannerist style high Victorian decoration.  

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Darcy Lever Terrace: 33-39 Hurtle Square, Adelaide. South Australia

This row of four double storey houses fronts Hurtle Square but also presents an end terrace to Halifax Street is named “Darcy Lever Terrace” is typical of the Adelaide style but a great individual example. Constructed in local basalt with mostly timber verandahs they were built in 1878 by Simon Harvey.

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Sobraon: 17-21 Ormond Street, Paddington, New South Wales

Sobraon is a magnificent row of three storey terrace houses in Paddington, Sydney is an unusual Italianate composition.  The name could have come from a clipper of the same name which was regularly moored at Rose Bay between 1867-1871 and the largest composite ship ever built1 (itself named for a war in Punjab India in the 1840s) the sails and masts which may well have once been visible in the distant harbour from the rear of these homes.  The mid terrace is notably wider than either flanking terrace. (Photo by: J Bar licenced under (CC-SA))

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67-69 Watkin Street, Newtown. Sydney, New South Wales

These terrace houses, largely hidden by trees, are of a most unusual design.  Looking similar in appearance to a Manhattan brownstone, they feature an exaggerated Italianate mannerist (or baroque) style using stucco and mouldings to simulate heavy stone in stark contrast to the iron lacework inspired filigree terraces of the street. (Photo by: Duncan Kimball)

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Karlsrue: 34 Fitzroy Street, Kirribilli. Sydney, New South Wales

Perhaps the most impressive feature of this tall freestanding Victorian terrace in Sydney’s inner north is the triple storey verandah, replete with iron lacework. Although the upper storey with its bullnose roof is missing its brackets the terrace has unusual wooden friezes with fringes, brackets and decorative cast iron columns on every level.  This is rare for a Sydney terrace as on most triple storey or taller terraces the verandahs do not extend to the top floor. (Image by Sardaka)

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2-6 Spring Street, Fitzroy. Melbourne, Victoria

This row of two storey terraces sits in a little side street just of Johnston Street in Fitzroy.  The context is most interesting, built right up to the property line and to the laneway of Harrison Place, as are the The curved out iron lacework balconies (missing on number 2 at the time the photo was taken). The narrow terraces have an italianate style similar to many in Sydney with small deck of parquetry floor tiles and a small cast iron fence with gate.

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