Thanet Terrace: 34-44 Learmonth Street. Queenscliff, Victoria

Thanet Terrace is a row of six single storey terrace houses in Queenscliff. Terraces are rare in small towns like Queenscliff, however this terrace is a legacy of the tourism boom which overcame the seaside resort town in the Victorian era as it was the preferred place for many Melburnians, being just 104 kilometres away from the booming city and accessible across Port Phillip Bay by the paddle steamer Ozone.

Thanet Terrace: 34-44 Learmonth Street.  Queenscliff, Victoria
Photo by: Michael Gardner

Thanet Terrace: 34-44 Learmonth Street. Queenscliff, Victoria

The terraces themselves are of polychrome brick design with a prominent slate tile roofs with a row of chimneys. A row of eaves brackets separates a corrugated iron roof verandah below which a framed cast iron latticework with a single column and brackets defining the entryway. The windows and doors are surrounded by staggered polychrome brickwork. All but a couple of the terraces have the same continuous picketed fence which is presumably original.

Thanet Terrace is included in the heritage overlay HO11 of the Borough of Queenscliff, giving it local protection. I’m not sure of the date or architect, but the style would presumably date to around 1886.

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