The Mansions: 40 George Street, Brisbane. Queensland

The Mansions is a Brisbane landmark.  The huge row of six three storey terraces were built in 1889 to the design of G.H.M Addison and is a rare example of the American Romanesque style being applied to a row of terraced homes. The building features some unique characteristics, including cat gargoyles on the corners of the parapet which is a balustrade.  The long limestone loggia are a substitute to the iron lacework typical of Australian terraces. 

The Mansions. 40 George Street, Brisbane. Queensland.  Image by Figaro
Photo by: Figaro

The Mansions. 40 George Street, Brisbane. Queensland.

Classical columns prop up the arcades and triangular pediments mark the entrances.  There are other italianate features including the Palladian motifs on the upper windows over triangular pediments. Bays culminate in an attic level features an interesting asymmetric faceted bay design with a corrugated iron roof, cast iron finial crests and brick chimneys.

The fence and gates also have red brick and stone balustrade to match the main body of the building.

An early resident of “The Mansions” was Dr. Lillian Cooper, who was Queensland’s first female doctor and Australia’s first female surgeon. After World War I the building became a rooming house and in 1954 was bought by the Government of Queensland to be used as offices.

The terrace is on the Queensland Heritage Register.

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  • Hels:

    I would have called The Mansions something like “Queen Anne Federation” style architecture, but 1889 was a bit early. And I am very surprised at the long limestone loggia that substituted for the iron lacework typical of Australian terraces. What an amazing architectural confection – thanks
    Art and Architecture, mainly

  • Bekky:

    I am interested in using this beautiful building as a location for a photo shoot.
    Is this possible and how do I go about booking a space?
    Thank you for your time!

  • Nic:

    Does anyone know where I can buy a stone pediment for my Victorian terrace?

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