Uridge Terrace: 91-101 Frederick Street, Ashfield. Sydney, New South Wales

In suburban Sydney’s Ashfield lives this row of six double storey Victorian houses built in 1882 built by William Web. Originally part of a larger row including a shop and residence, this row remain, is on the Register of the National Trust (NSW) and was locally heritage listed in 1991.1

Uridge Terrace, a row of six double storey Victorian terraces viewed from the south side of Frederick Street.

Uridge Terrace at 91-101 Frederick Street viewed from the south.

While the parapet is distinctive with its unrendered facade (only a couple of the houses have been painted) hiding the roof in classic Italianate style, it is missing its urns. Some of the classical details including a segmental arch pediment enclosing the name plate inscribed with the ‘Uridge Terrace 1882’ straddling the centre party wall and flanked by decorative scrolls; corbels with pillasters inerrupting a strong cornice and a stunning row sets of five modillion, two marking the centre. The upper storeys feature large french doors with transom lights and fine fringes of iron lace, though the lacework patters are inconsistent, appear to be replicas making it difficult to determine the original style, additionally, most of the ground floors have been modified, some sandblasted, with only a couple preserving the original arched window hood and window ledges.


  1. Ashfield Heritage Study http://www.ashfield.nsw.gov.au/files//heritage_items/91-101_frederick_st.pdf

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