Vaughn Terrace: 49-53 Raleigh Street, Windsor. Melbourne, Victoria

Vaughn Terrace is a delightful little row of three single storey Italianate villas. The terraces feature oversized parapets and ornament typical of the late 1880s. The mid terrace carries the row’s name on its parapet. A most interesting feature of this terrace is the motif on the frieze of overlapping circles which demands visual attention. Located in an area of the City of Stonnington littered in flats and remnant terrace housing, suprisingly there is no heritage overlay for the area offering them little if any heritage protection.1

49-53 Raleigh Street, Windsor

The parapet more than effectively hides the corrugated gable and hipped roofs, bulky chimneys at their peaks and skillion outbuildings with their giant crowned arches flanked by urns, modillions and scrolls forming a Palladian motif with an arrangement of pilasters supported by corbels and blank panels.

The verandahs are bullnosed prominently with corrugated iron roofing, with deep iron lacework fringe (although notably absent on number 53) and brackets while the party walls feature vermiculation and scrolls. Large window openings allow plenty of natural light into the front rooms.

Most probably these terraces were originally unpainted and possibly obscures combination brickwork, the white colour scheme of the end terraces and the garish green highlights of the mid terrace having been applied later.


  1. City of Stonnington Planning Scheme (accessed Jan 9, 2012)

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