Wellwood Terrace: 82-92 Gheringhap Street, Geelong. Victoria

“Wellwood Terrace” is Geelong’s largest terrace.  A row of six two storey terrace houses in the CBD it was build in 1887 as a row of four by J Wellwood and believed to be the work of Joseph Watts and later extended.

Wellwood Terrace: 82-92 Gheringhap Street, Geelong. Victoria

Wellwood Terrace: 82-92 Gheringhap Street, Geelong. Victoria

The terrace has a visible corrugated iron roof with prominent party walls and pairs of chimneys shared between pairs of houses evident along the roofline.  The cornice is plain but with simple eaves brackets.

The terrace is set on a steep grade and is elevated off the street with staircases leading up towards the lower section.

The facade and verandah are the most important features.  The double storey verandahs are framed by the party walls which feature corbels and the heads of lions facing down toward the street.  The verandahs are heavily dressed in iron lacework, including a frieze, brackets and columns to frame the entryway.  There are lacework balconies on both the first and upper storeys with a palisade fence, a stairway and exposed bluestone foundations.  The doors and single double hung windows of each level are framed by staggered dichromatic brickwork flat arches and emulating quoining.

With the doors gravitating to the centre and the chimneys to the outer, the appearance of 3 very wide terraces is achieved, adding to the grandeur of the row.

The terrace is listed by the City of Greater Geelong as being of regional significance and is part of heritage overlays HO1639 and HO251.

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  • J Beach:

    One correction to above Wellwood Terrace. It was built by Samuel Wellwood not J Wellwood as posted.
    Samuel was my g.grandfather.

  • admin:

    Thanks for sharing. That is very interesting if true, because the City of Greater Geelong’s heritage record for this terrace cites both the Geelong Advertiser and the text Brownhill, W. R. A History of Geelong and Corio Bay that it was not completed until after J Wellwood’s death. I am sure that the Geelong Historical Society and Council history department would like to hear from you. Do you know relationship was Samuel to J Wellwood if any ?

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