Perth has some vestiges of turn of the century terrace housing mostly dating to the the state’s gold rush boom while post modern nostalgic terraces were also fashionable from the 1980s.

Perth Terrace Houses Map


Perth’s few remaining terraces are mostly clustered in the inner and northern suburbs – particularly Northbridge, West Perth, Subiaco and  Fremantle.

Prevailing styles

Most of Perth’s terraces were late Victorian or Edwardian (Federation).  The styles were a mix of those found in both Sydney and Melbourne, while restrained cast iron ornament is reminiscent of Adelaide’s more refined style.


The mining boom in Kalgoorlie and Coolgardie brought speculative housing to Perth to accomodate the population influx.

By the 1940s, the inner city areas that the terraces occupied were virtually abandoned as the wealthy moved to the outer suburbs.  In the 1950s, many terraces in Perth were condemned by the state government of the time including all of those in the CBD which either made way for modern offices or carparking.

By the 1980s, inner city living had revived and what remained of the once fashionable addresses were lovingly restored.1

Nostalgic replicas became popular in Perth in the 1980s and 1990s in mock Victorian style in attempt by developers to appeal to wealthy interstate migrants.  It is in fact, quite difficult to discern the originals from their contemporary counterparts.

Significant Perth Terrace Houses


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